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Content is the King

“Content is the King!” You must have heard or read a phrase number of times, but we will tell you ‘why’. Unique and relevant website content is the key that unlocks the door to the improved and heightened ranking for an SEO firm. Now a days online content marketing is in vogue. Almost all the website companies are engaged in developing and sharing content to approach the new but relevant customers. A well built content strategy is a prerequisite to every SEO firm to accomplish business goals and visitor needs.

Here are the few steps that you should follow to create not only great but real content.

  • Focus End users and Search Engines as well: Both the end users and search engines visit websites to collect information. Write an article taking in view both the end users & search engines. Before you start writing, consider about those sites you visit repetitively & what makes you visit those sites again and again, either their quality, exclusiveness, relevance or even more. A search engine looks out for most relevant pages that will serve the end purpose of solving the problems. The most befitting information would be displayed on the first page & less on the further pages.
  • First Research then Write: Make extensive research of the topic in hand. There are the chances that other sites are also sharing same topic with the visitors. So “why they prefer your site” Explore & Investigate. Find their ‘loop-holes’ & discuss the points that they have not, also probe for right kind of keywords. Only appropriate keywords can invite appropriate visitors. The search engines will surely access the content with ‘significant keywords.’ But make use of keywords cautiously. Be less repetitive as ‘keyword stuffing’ is not cited as a good practice.
  • Sequencing Keywords: If you want your page to grade for certain keywords, you can make use of these in the URL, titles, headings, images, tags and meta tags.
  • Make Headings: These would dissect the article into smaller sections. It would be a real tool to help the visitors in finding the important information. You can also use bold fonts to display important information. Lists can also be used to compile certain information.
  • Make use of Visuals: Images are often more emphatic than words. Add suitable images to your article to make it ‘eye-catching’, especially the alt-text. Infographics can also be applied to equip your visitors with the knowledge.
  • Develop links And HyperLinks: Links offer the searchers the better search results and at times also tie them to other sections of the sites. Hyper or deep links to some authoritative & preferred site would trigger the search engine ranking, specifically when they hold full or partial keywords.
  • Target as well as Address your Audience: If you want to make your site a big success assign your target group, how and where to approach them & then write what gathers their attention. Writing proficient & objective web content ‘is not a hard nut to crack’ but it incorporates appropriate use of grammar, some do’s & don'ts and a lot of practice. Address your audience as you would address your friend. Feel as if you are telling a story or narrating an incident to a friend.
  • Be Simple & Concise: You might be a very prolific writer, knows your topic well, well-versed in the language & grammar, but all this is of no use if reader or visitor cannot make out anything out of your topic. Either your topic is very complex or messy, try to make use of simple words. Technical or heavy loaded language would be indiscernible for the searchers. Make the text easy to scan by making use of short passages, sub –headings or titles. Write short but impressive ideas. Do not go for lengthy details instead bull’s eye the parts with essential information.
  • Be Catchy but Authentic: An arresting topic is essential. Use creative ideas but also be authentic. Make researches & provide verified information. Moreover, you can use engrossing headlines. Make your introduction a weapon to target your visitors. Your introduction should ‘buzz’ the interest and make the users curious about the subject.

Creating unique on site content is a great step towards raising rankings. Relevant content will always attract quality visitors and links. Every link to your site will deposit points to your credit and would help you to bag enhanced ranking. So in a nutshell, “be pure, be sure.” Try to be as exclusive as you can so that your site outstands from the others.

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