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Law Office of Andrew S. Kasmer, P.C. Fairfax, Virginia

"Hi, my name is Andrew Kasmer. I am an attorney in Fairfax Virginia. I had been a client of American Digital World now for several years and I am very –very satisfied with the services that I have been provided. I have learned a lot from the company. They have taken me from basically having no web presence, limited email and basically taken me from dark ages to now, where they meet with me on regular basis, providing with very close customer contact and assistance. Whenever I need they are really available and I am just very-very satisfied with the services and I will highly recommend them to anyone that has any need for web presence, email, digital, film, what have you. They are just fantastic and I highly recommend them." -- Andrew Kasmer

LADV Foundation Washington DC

"I started a No-Profit called LADV Foundation and then I was looking for a website designer. And I approached quite a few companies. So American Digital World was one of those companies. I approached them via their website. And they responded almost immediately. And the designer actually met me in-person which was unexpected. I thought they are just going to ask me my ideas, the design; everything is going to be on, via email. But no, they actually, their designer actually met me in-person to understand exactly what I was looking for. So we discussed exactly what I wanted for the website. So in less than two days, I had the first template, which I was actually shocked at." -- Apurva McIntosh

Capital Limousine Services Springfield VA

"Hi, my name is Raza Ali and I am the co-founder of Capital Limousine Company. And I started this corporation about three years back and I didn’t know anyhow of how to do this business. I just wanted to get with limo business because I thought it was very exciting. And I wanted to know how the website works, or the reservations, how to take the itineraries and all that and this was my first time getting into this business. So I had some points, some ideas, you know and some way of thinking like how should I be growing this business since I done other businesses in the past. Then a friend of mine introduced me to American Digital World. They told me there is a good company, very friendly, they come to you, take your advice, they want to know what kind of business model you want to do and they work with you. That was the reason I called them up and too surprised you know I had a very good experience. The person who visited me from the company, he was very friendly, he took all my business ideas and formulated it in a very nice website. And I am doing great. I have been doing very well since then. And it is not just the business you are getting from them; it is the relationship that you built with these people you know. I mean you know I have the business relationship but the personal relationship is awesome. These people are great and I highly recommend them to everybody. And you need any advice from me on the business side, you can tell me." Thank you. -- Raza Ali

DCA Sedan Services Washington, District of Columbia

"Hi, my name is Syed. I am operational manager in DCA Sedan Service. I have been using American Digital World for past two years. I have such a good experience with them. They do my marketing needs and they take care of my website. They have built my website actually. So I am very happy with their services, the way they do, they handle my business, my marketing needs. So I would strongly recommend you all to use American Digital World for all your website needs and marketing and graphic designing services. Thank you. -- Syed

Chutny Restaurant Springfield VA

"Hi. My name is Rouf Khan. I am the owner of Chutny Restaurant in Springfield since 1998. And like two years back I was thinking of having my restaurantal website and a very good friend of mine introduced me to American Digital World. And I contacted them, they came over here. They took the pictures of the restaurant from inside and outside. They took our menu and put it on the website. And the results were so amazing. And after this our restaurant was so good on the website that it is hard to describe. I fully recommend to all my friends and customers that any time they need a good, beautiful and eye-catching website; they should always contact American Digital World. "
-- Rouf Khan

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