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Digital Marketing

Today is an age of digital and internet optimized, smart devices. Use of smart devices like iPhones, iPads and Tablets is increasing day by day. Rapid changes in the technology and ever increasing number of internet users have collectively enforced the businesses to step out into the digital world.

Digital Marketing tools comprise of digital sign boards, internet based sales' promotion programs, search engine marketing, email marketing, display network marketing and social media marketing.

Web Marketing

Web marketing is also known as Internet Marketing. It is the fastest way to present the products and services to potential customers who are actively searching online. It is the combination of simultaneous business promotional activities with common business objectives. These activities include but are not limited to directory listing, link building, article posting, blogging and social media optimization.

Link Building/ Directory Listing

Link building is action object to increase the quantity and quality of inbound, outbound and reciprocal links to a website. It seems one of the most important and a challenging aspect of Internet Marketing. Bottom line is that it is still considered to be a trump card to incur higher rankings.

Article Posting

Quantity and bulk links to a web page always play an important role in its search engine ranking. Search engines have always loved the links bringing traffic from other web pages. Posting appropriate articles having back linking to other websites is essentially counted as a vote for your site ranking.

Article submission is an effective way to increase incoming links to a web site and is also one of the most powerful methods to increase links counts.

Social Media

It is a form of media that allows people to communicate socially and as well creates a community to share ideas, pictures, videos etc. Face book has 1.11 billion active users as per the statics of March 2013 and more over, $5.1 billion revenue in the year 2012 belonged to social media. Social Media channels like Face book, Twitter, Youtube etc. enable different businesses to build up relationships with customers. Increased use of Tablets, Hand held devices and Smart Phones have triggered this communication even more at the speed of light.

Email marketing

People who are unfamiliar with email marketing often wonder when they see that their competitors have raised their ROI through email marketing campaign. Email campaigning is a process of sending an email to an established and potential customer in the hope of selling them a product or service in near future. It is also an effective method to attract traffic to a web site. Email helps businesses to announce seasonal promotions, deals, any new product or service launch and other business events that are planned for future. It is faster and more cost effective than the direct marketing and has global scope as well.

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