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Our Future is Mobile

Why Mobile Website Design Is Becoming Important?

Search has become integrated within the fabric of our society. Today more than 12 billion searches being performed each month approximately or 400 million web searches are performed day to day. This means that on average larger than 4500 searches are performed every single second of everyday.

Earlier websites were seen only on computers that contained large screens for viewing, and logical computational power and higher Internet speed. But today you hear a lot these days that “Our future is Mobile.” However, the present is mobile too. If your site isn’t compatible for mobile use, you might be losing out on a lot of traffic. Mobile websites are specially designed for viewing mobile contents on Mobile Phones.

Many of today’s mobile users look to their devices as more than a talking piece; most phones are designed as tools for entertainment (videos, music, and general web use) and real-time information exchange. For businesses and brands, having a mobile web presence is no longer an option. It is a must, and if you want to make the most of it, you need to optimize your website for mobile use.

Mobile is where your Visitors are!
The mobile version of your website enlarge the reach of your business to the mobile Web, allowing you to offer your mobile visitors a fast and easy way to study about your company and contact you with one click. Though your existing website is focused at giving a full and complete picture of your company, the mobile version of your site allows you to convey instant access to what matters most when on the go.

Benefits of Mobile Websites:

You can see people busy accessing the Internet or watching videos using their smartphones. These are the 7 most important reward of mobile marketing.

  • Convenience: 95% of people you can see around have mobile phones. Everywhere in the world, you have the possibility of attracting with potential customers through your mobile website.
  • Interactivity: Mobile phone users use phones to access the Internet. If your website is mobile phone friendly, you can get more interaction with users easily and quickly.
  • Affordability: Creating a mobile version of your website is reasonable and easy.
  • Social Consciousness: If you have a mobile version of your site and company like your content, it is very easy to share your content through social networks. This will lead to more experience in the social world.
  • Easy Maturity: Making a mobile version of your website takes only a few weeks in development. Plus, it is very easy to do.
  • Vast Connectivity: It provides enormous connectivity. One-third of humankind currently has access to the Internet through a mobile device. This number is twice as many as the number of Internet-connected personal computers (PCs). By 2011, it’s expected that half of the planet’s population will have access to the Internet through a mobile device. However, mobile sites offer the opportunity to immediately call or text the website owner.

Facts of Mobile Websites:

  • Anywhere Access to Your Business: A mobile website enables you to provide your customers with 24/7, anywhere access to your business. Plus, with compatibility across more than 5,000 mobile phones, involving high-end smart phones, mid-range phones and budget phones — you’re capable to put the information that customers who are on-the-go want and need at their fingertips.
  • Mobile-Friendly Features maximizing Your Business: Convert leads and interact with mobile users with quick mobile-friendly features like About Us, Find Us, Opening Hours, Coupons, Reservations and many more that can help turn traffic into customers.
  • Google Adsense: Users can now place Google Ads (advertisements) on their mobile website, and earn money as visitors click on the Ads.
  • More visibility due to Social Shares: It is a known fact that people today spend most of the time on social-networking platforms. A mobile optimized website makes sharing of websites easier. This sharing hence leads to more visibility. If you have still not gotten a mobile version of your website, then get one today and reach your audience in easier, firmer and an efficacious way.
  • SEO Friendly: Mobile websites are supported by mobile friendly search engines viz., Google and Yahoo. With iPhone’s SIRI and other local search engines introduced by the mobile industry, having a mobile optimized website can prove to be profitable in bringing business.
  • More Flexible and Cost-Effective Than Application Development: A mobile website is generally a much less restrictive means to build a mobile presence compared to app development. A mobile website is universal to all contemporary smartphone browsers, making a mobile website more versatile and cost efficient, with fewer barriers between you and your target users.
  • Google Maps: Your site can have a live map that shows your site and a user can type in their site and get directions.
  • Hit to Describe: You can have a button or link on your mobile site that calls your phone number when a user taps it.
  • Eagerness in Visitors: Now URLs of your websites are displayed everywhere weather on letterheads, ad, brochure and the moment we come to know about their URLs we instantly want to check them out. And today everyone has a Mobile Phone that can easily connect to the Internet, they would rather visit your Website the moment they come across your URL.

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