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Our Workflow

Initial Meeting / Feasibility Study

During the initial meeting, the potential of your business model will be discussed, analyzed and evaluated, on the basis of the investigation and research made about your business work flow.

After detecting your existing problems online goals and customized business strategies are planned to meet your business needs.

Any of these strategies viz. marketing and competition feasibility, financial feasibility, technical assessment, resources feasibility etc. may be adopted to analyze business model and as well to draft out an effective business plan.

We recommend our potential customers, if possible; populate us with the following information:

  • Business model
  • Business information and enlisted business needs
  • Business publications including flyers, brochures, registration forms, articles etc.
  • Budgetary information, if you have any
  • Any document that is of significant importance to your project


American Digital World's account setup let you access all your stuff like talk, chat and shared documents enables you to generate technical support tickets and schedule meetings as well and moreover gives access to content management system and helps you to centralize & organize your team etc. American Digital World has its own central databases, client control panel, online customer technical support, periodic internal audit, automated quality assurance and testing system to serve variety of customers nationwide and across the world.


Based upon the inferences drawn upon from our initial meeting, our business architect will sketch out a technical draft of your project and technically crystal clear documents for developers. Along with this, he will also define project features, operations and functions including screen layout and business rules so that our developers can cast all blue prints into real code and can produce an effective and professional application to meet all of your online business needs.


After receiving software requirement specification (SRS), our developers will design documentation and architectural technical drawings. There after, they convert the design into a complete information system and generate project code. After the coding is completed, developers compile and refine program files, deploy the project code and finally install it on the test server.


Quality Assurance Engineer tests programmed and deployed code according to the business rules mentioned in SRS. They compare actual functional program with required functionality, as mentioned in requirement documents. Our testing techniques may include but are not limited to Unit testing, System testing, Integration testing, Data set testing, Black-box testing, White-box testing, Stress Testing, Load testing, User acceptance testing etc. Thereafter; QA Engineers work on project performance tuning, generally called software performance testing.

After finalizing all the testing and coding, our quality assurance engineers and testing team propose to present the accomplished application to the client. Thereafter, our client coordinator manager helps consulting client to test the project. It is called User Acceptance Testing (UATs).


Once the client approves of the deployed project on test server, no need to write these words our hosting and deployment expert publishes your project on the public server.

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